In Australia, Naturopaths are fortunate to have access to an array of high quality standardised herbal medicines in the form of dried herbs, extracts, tinctures, powders, capsules and tablets. Nature has provided us with an abundance of medicinal plants, made up on active constituents (phytochemicals) in perfect ratio quantities. Active ingredients found in herbs are supported by a synergistic action of all chemical constituents, allowing exertion of therapeutic affects and at the same time reducing potential unwanted side-effects. The parts of the plant used include roots, seeds, leaves, flowers, stems and definitely the whole plant depending on the herb. 

At AM Naturopathy, I administer natural health care treatment products via liquid herbal formulas, tea blends, supplement powders, capsules, tablets, creams, Bach’s flower remedies, nasal sprays, bath soaks, ear drops and sublingual (tongue) sprays. 



Liquid herbal formulas are an effective selection of herbs known to deeply restore, tone, and concurrently invigorate multiple body systems, whilst promoting general health and wellbeing. Individualised herbal tonics can simultaneously address a variety of body systems and corresponding acute or chronic symptomology. A primary treatment choice, liquid herbal formulas are safe, cost-effective, quickly absorbed and new therapeutic properties of well-known herbs are constantly being researched. To assure quality, dried or fresh herbs in Australia are tested for heavy metals, spectrometry (an extremely accurate method to identify phytochemicals) and chromatography (the blue print of the herb species) prior to manufacturing.


AM Naturopathy liquid herbal formulas are individually prescribed and dispensed according to the presenting symptoms and underlying health reasons determined by your initial or follow-up Naturopath consultations. Please note that at AM Naturopathy, clients taking pharmaceutical medications, pregnancy and/or children can still take herbal preparations, treatment regimes are just individually altered accordingly. 



Bach flower remedies were developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s. Each of the 38 different remedies are believed to contain the energetic/vibrational nature of the flower and relate to a particular characteristic or emotional state. Ideally, Bach flowers are utilised to lift negative moods, unhappiness and energy blocks, eventually aiding in restoring health harmony. The most well-known Bach remedy is the Rescue Remedy combination. 

            As a naturopath, I use Bach flower remedies to aid in encouraging positive health changes correlating to negative emotional feelings of; loneliness, sadness, stress, uncertainty, decreased motivation, fear, nostalgia, despair and cares of other at the expense of self. Bach flower remedies can be included into most of my naturopath treatment regimes via a range of products, to subtly and subconsciously influence your own body’s energetics.